Raw Food Mastery Level I: Raw Food Essentials & Fermentation (2 Modules)

Module 1 - Raw Food Essentials
Module 2 - The Art of Advanced Fermentation


About This Course:
Raw food essentials and fermentation teaches the building blocks of raw cuisine, vegan nutrition, basic fermentation and advanced fermentation in two separate, one-day courses. The course emphasizes what real healthy raw vegan food is about, explores the trap of raw junk food, explores proper use of equipment and preparation of ingredients, simple & advanced fermentation, vegan nutritional science and food safety. Each week includes written, practical, and creative exercises to test and reinforce the students’ knowledge and skills gained throughout the course. This course package includes Modules 1 & 2.


Course Syllabus:


Module 1 - Raw Food Essentials 

Raw Food Essentials is an Introduction to raw cuisine, which provides a thorough orientation to our program and philosophy and a thorough discussion about the effects of raw food, the raw food lifestyle, the enzyme theory, the conflicting science surrounding the raw food diet and potential pitfalls of raw vegan diet. On this module the students will learn the basics of raw food, what is raw and what is not raw food. Students will learn some of the basic but essential recipes for creating gourmet raw cuisine such as sweeteners, thickeners and emulsifiers. Students will learn about eating the rainbow, exploring the different colors of fruits and vegetables and learning how to maximize absorption of essential nutrients, minerals and phytochemicals from raw foods. This module also emphasizes acquainting the students with basic kitchen equipment, proper handling and use of ingredients from soaking to slow cooking, and standard food safety guidelines. Some of the highlights of this module will be learning about healthy sweeteners, as the world is addicted to sugar and those in health movements becoming addicted to using toxic sweeteners such as agave syrup, Finding the right low glycemic healthy tasty sweeteners can be a challenging endeavor but worth while journey giving the negative impact sugar as on our health.


Module 2 - The Art of Fermentation

The Art of Advanced Fermentation is one of our most popular courses. It is a repertoire of many many years of fermenting research and experimentation. On this module students will learn very basic lacto fermentation such as Kimchi, sauerkraut and pickling fruits and vegetables to wild fermentations such as Tepeche from Mexico and Smreka from Bosnia to advanced fermentation techniques such as second stage medicinal mushroom and Gynostemma Kombucha, Blue cheese without cashew nuts and blueberry yogurt. Students will learn how to work with raw cultures such as water kefir grains and Kombucha. This Module provides a thorough lesson on the art, history and science of fermentation and gut micro biome, how to use probiotics, which probiotics to use and basic equipment needed for fermentation. Making guilt free extremely healthy vegan cheese that tastes so good without using high fat toxic nuts like cashew is a real highlight of this course.


Skills & Technique:

Nut Milks & Nut Flours
Seed Cheeses
What is Raw, and what is not Raw
Sweetners, Emulsifiers & Thickners
Slow cooking soups and porridges
First & second stage fermentation
Kombucha, Kefir, Tepeche, Smreka
Kimchi, Sauerkraut, Yogurt
Raw Food Equipment
Vegan Nutritional Science
Soaking and Sprouting

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