Plant Based academy is a raw and vegan culinary school. Training, educating and empowering students on plant based culinary art, vegan nutritional science and conscious living. Plant Based Academy is the only classically structured raw food course in Europe and world unique in its content, Certification and delivery. Plant Based Academy offers a number of comprehensive and single module raw food programs both on site at our raw kitcehn and online.

Plant Based Academy is Europe’s first and only classically structured plant-based culinary school. Students will discover that raw food is not always cold food, which is particularly refreshing when living in a cold climate such as Ireland. Students will learn about Warm Porridge and warm soups, hot medicinal beverages. Dublin is host to some of the best farmers’ markets in Ireland and has a rapidly growing plant based community.Students learn how to work with whole, organic, unprocessed, plant-based foods to achieve healthy, aesthetically refined, nutritionally balanced for maximum absorption of nutrients and flavorful cuisine in the school’s intimate classes. Students’ benefit from personalized instruction that champion’s hands-on experience, within a brand new custom designed, living foods kitchen. Students also gain access to the course material online which is a rich resource of simple recipes, advanced recipes, videos, scientific studies, charts, articles and much more.

Accademy Overview: Plant Based Academy was created to meet the increasing interest in plant-based cuisine and the art of its preparation. Our raw and vegan culinary approach emphasizes the use of whole, organic, unprocessed, plant-based foods to achieve healthy, aesthetically refined and flavorful cuisine. Intimate classes and personalized instruction allow for a successful integrated hands-on experience, within our custom designed, raw kitchen and our unmatched online platform.

Raw Food Programs: Plant Based Academy offers a variety of programs emphasizing the art, history and science of plant-based cuisine. Curriculum employs a modern, creative approach structured so that students build on their techniques as they progress through courses. Students execute innovative raw and vegan cuisine at the highest level, learn from a variety of specialized courses, and expand their skill set. Plant Based Academy welcomes students from around the world. The program’s extensive, refined instruction is based on structured and classic building blocks of culinary programs and a multitude of experience and passion.

Classical Structure and Professional Chef Skills: Plant Based Academy graduates gain the expertise to create healthy, nutritionally correct, aesthetically refined and flavorful raw and vegan cuisine. The foundation of instruction, based on knife skills, flavor and texture balancing, as well as artful plating, together with cutting-edge equipment and innovative techniques, all within the framework of nutritional science to ensure maximum absorption for optimum health make Plant Based Academy unlike any other plant-based culinary programs in the world. Plant Based Academy is founded on over 20 years of a professional culinary career, over 10 years of plant based living and research from around the world, The success of our graduates are a testament to our culinary approach, unmatched curriculum, outstanding instruction, and the expertise of Founder, professional Chef Darren Maguire. Courses are in line with his professional chef background having run two of his own successful fine dining restaurants, unlike most other raw food educators around the world who are self-taught or mentored by others who have not studied in professional culinary programs.

Creativity and refinement: Plant Based Academy encourages students to explore a passion for raw and vegan cuisine through the real world applications of designing menus and writing recipes from scratch. Instructors promote creativity instead of teaching recipes with pre-measured and limited ingredients. Instructors support student ingredient choices and allergies by teaching how to make adjustments and improvise when working with seasonal and local produce. Chefs often run out of specific produce, spices, ingredients or are restricted by their geographic region or access, it’s crucial to know how to substitute and improvise.

Small Intimate Classes for optimum learning: All our courses have limited class sizes to not compromise the educational experience. Plant Based Academy is entirely chef-driven. It’s essential to understand advanced tools, techniques and equipment for true innovation. Plant Based Academy invests in the highest quality equipment and tools for students who have access to the same equipment company chefs use; high-powered blenders, turning slicers, dehydrators, juicers, raw chocolate tools, fermentation equipment are few of the machines and tools students work with as part of the school curriculum. Online students are guided through equipment and ingredient needs in order to produce a similar experience for the home chef.

Plant Based Academy Certificate of Raw Food Mastery: Students receive the highly regarded Culinary certificate upon completion of each course. The skill set gained from Plant Based Academy is unparalleled to any other academy in the plant-based world; the certificate marks these achievements.

Plant Based Academy Online Network: Another fantastic aspect of attending Plant Based Academy is gaining access to the exclusive and expansive online network. The academy attracts everyone from the most advanced to beginning culinary students, including world renowned and private chefs, health coaches, entrepreneurs, parents, vegans, vegetarians and those who are healing themselves or loved ones. After completing courses, graduates are invited to access our social/culinary platform to correspond with colleagues around the world as part of the alumni family.



The Professional Certificate Course Curriculum Modules:


Module 1 - Plant Based Health & Essentials & Plant based Nutritional Science - The Facts & Myths
Module 2 - The Art of Advanced Fermentation & The Science of Gut Microbiota & Probiotics
Module 3 - Liquid Nutrition. Smoothies, Seed Milks, Slow Cooked Soups & Cold Pressed Juices
Module 4 - Medicinal Herbs & Medicinal Mushrooms. Tonics, Teas, Tinctures & Extractions
Module 5 - The Art of Raw Gourmet Chocolate & Healthy Light Refined Desserts
Module 6 - Raw Food Dehydration. Crackers, Breads, Crisps, Cookies & Wraps.
Module 7 - Molecular Gastronomy. Raw Preparation Skills & Sprouting
Module 8 - Raw Gourmet Meal Demonstration. Costing, Planning,Writing & Ececuting a Menu.
Module 9 - Practical & Written Exam. 5 Course Gourmet Plant Based Menu Presentation
Module 10 - Plant Based Skin Care & Cosmetics which are Raw Vegan Organic & Edible
Module 11 - Functional Health, Raw Philosophy & Conscious Lifestyle
Module 12 - Raw Food on The Go & How to Travel and Thrive on Plant Based Health Foods



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